Pneumatic conveyor – dense phase



Transport of bulk dry raw materials in powder, granules or flakes with special characteristics or over long distances


  • Dense Phase conveyance


  • Transportation even over very long distances
  • Configurable transport path to liking without constraints
  • Option of combining multiple storage points to multiple destinations
  • Total protection of the integrity of the product transported
  • Possibility of transporting abrasive products
  • Possibility of transporting packaging products
  • Simple and scheduled maintenance
  • Totally hygienic and suitable for contact with food
  • Limited energy consumption
  • Possibility of adding sieving and product control devices
  • Reduced filtering devices
  • Possibility of managing multiple transmission lines alternately with one propeller
  • Possibility of using the compressed air system (usually available in the factory) without additional installations of compressors

Operating principle

Pneumatic transport in dense phase bases its operating principle on the exploitation of pneumatic pressure ensured by a compressor. The product is transported by air made to circulate by the pressure difference. The system can be configured only for pressure pneumatic transport.

The product is conveyed from one or more loading points to a number of unloading points. To avoid excessive air leakage from the pipeline, the product must be fed into the circuit with the aid of a rotary valve.

Technical specifications

  • Suction, pressure and mixed
  • Distances covered: from a few meters to 300 m*
  • Transport capacities up to 50000 kg/h*

*Consult the Technical Department